Saturday, June 30, 2007

6/29 vs. The A's - back in the win column

First of all, I attended this game with my friend Bobby. Why is that significant? Well, he has been to around 6 games now this year. I have been to 10. Nick2Slick (co-contributor on this blog)? He has been to around 3 or 4. So, that begs the question - who is more of a Stadium Insider?

Well, truthfully, none of us are. The real Stadium Insider is that security guard who sits in the expensive Rudy Giulianni seats right outside of the Yankees dugout with the really tight curly hair. I swear he has been sitting there in every on-deck circle camera shot since the early 90's. And he never ages.

Anyway, on the to game. My friend Bobby and I had a scary realization around halfway through the game that it was hard to enjoy a game without alcohol. I tried to disagree because I tend to accuse him of being an alcoholic, and not myself, but I have to admit, it was kind of boring for most of the time. I think it had to do with the fact that it was a low-scoring game and that the Yankees haven't exactly been playing well as of late. The crowd seemed VERY hesitant to really get behind this team that continues to let us down.

The place went wild when Mo came in for the last out of the 8th inning and was pretty wild from then until the end. It is great to see Mo running in from the bullpen - so comforting. The interesting thing about Mo's entrance was that it was a home game and Mo was entering the game at 9:22 PM on a Friday night. I don't go to weekend games, so I'm not used to there being THAT many fans still left in the stadium when he comes into the game (there are a lot of beat-the-traffickers even in close games). Of course, it sounds like that at playoff home games when he comes in, but those, again, are rare. So, the place went wild.

The downfall of there being so many fans left at the end of the game was the long trek down from the Upper Deck. I have a system where I make my way down to the Tier Box seats and then cut across the aisles all the way to left field and then head into the tiny Yankee Stadium corridors to try to exit along with the thousands of other upper deck dwellers. Of course the crowd bottlenecks in the stinky, sticky, smelly Yankee Stadium corridors. People visiting Yankee stadium for the first time may call it charming and part of the experience. I call it the main reason why I can't wait until they knock that place down. It took around 20 minutes to get out of the stadium from the Upper Deck. It should take around 5.

There is onne item that I have been meaning to mention for a while, but always forget to when I am typing up my latest blog entry. There is a woman in the Upper Deck who sits a row in front of me who is probably in her 50's or 60's. She comes to EVERY game alone and keeps score of the game. She doesn't do it with the apparently lame scorecard that comes in the Yankee program (or she obviously doesn't want to buy the program every night), but she brings her own scorebook. She writes the lineups in green pen and then keeps score with an erasable black pen. It seems like she doesn't miss a thing.

I have nicknamed her Kate Smith. Sounds anonymous enough. Amazingly I wasn't drunk when I nicknamed her that, but it was right after the 7th inning stretch last night and God Bless America was played so you can figure out why scorekeeper woman got that nickname. There are so many questions I want to ask this hardcore Yankee scorekeeper woman. First of all, what is her reasoning behind it? Does it help her to enjoy the game? How long has she been doing it for? Does she keep detailed records of every game she has been to at home? For road games, does she score along with the game while watching it on TV? Is she the person Michael Kay is talking to when he goes over the in-game box score for "those of you scoring at home"? These are just SOME of the questions I want to ask her. I have been thinking about one day, before the game starts, "interviewing" her and putting it up on this blog. I'm sure it would be amusing in some ways without obviously making fun of this seemingly lonely lady.

One funny story regarding scorekeeper woman. Last night in the 7th inning, there was a double play that ricohchetted off of Mike Mussina, right to Cano, who threw to Jeter and then on to Phillips for the highly uncommon 1-4-6-3 doubleplay. I leaned down into the row in front of me and attempted to playfully ask the woman if she had that scored correctly. No response whatsoever. It was as if I didn't exist. Maybe she is deaf and I don't even know it. Most likely she was in her scorekeeping zone that nobody can understand but her. There is so much mystery involving this scorekeeping woman. Usually she scores the game and is very intent and stoic while doing so. Last night she kicked back a bit and had one beer. Strangely, she was clapping when Mo had two strikes on Cust in the 8th inning. Amazingly in the 9th inning, when Mo had two strikes on the final batter. She stood up along with the rest of the crowd and clapped Mo on to victory. I guess at that point, she saw the finish line in sight for another successful Yankees game scored and she just wanted to enjoy the moment.

Who can blame her? Read the full post, after the jump

Monday, June 25, 2007

Exclusive Ticket offer from NYY Stadium Insider

Well, summer is fast approaching. That means Nick2Slick will be spending a month in Fire Island, and I will be working on weekdays, so there will be games that neither of us can make. Because of that, I am putting certain games for sale here.

Here are the dates available:


Yankees vs. Twins
Tuesday, July 3rd
7:05 PM
Tier Reserved, Section 1, Row M
$20 each, $40 total

Yankees vs. Twins
Thursday, July 5th
1:05 PM
Tier Reserved, Section 1, Row M
$25 each $50 total

Yankees vs. Blue Jays
Thursday, July 19
1:05 PM
Tier Reserved, Section 1, Row M
$20 each, $40 total

Yankees vs. Devil Rays
Friday, July 20
7:05 PM
Tier Reserved, Section 1, Row M
$20 each, $40 total

Yankees vs. White Sox
Thursday, August 2
1:05 PM
Tier Reserved, Section 1, Row M
$20 each, $40 total

All tickets will be exchanged in person in NYC, and payment will be cash.

If you are an out of towner, please contact me and we can arrange other methods of payment. If you need to send me money via PayPal/get the tickets emailed to you, I will need to add applicable fees that those companies charge me.

Contact me through Craigs List (be sure to leave a contact phone number when emailing me)

Click here to contact me through Craigs List

These are my season tickets, but as I previously mentioned, can't make the games. Hopefully somebody who reads this can. Read the full post, after the jump

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vote Jorge Posada as the all-star catcher!!!!

I awake from my road trip slumber to present you with this. Jorge Posada is currently behind Pudge Rodriguez in the All-Star Voting

(as of 6/23/07 - click the image above to vote)

It is very easy to put in your 25 votes for a player on

I just went over there and filled out the AL ballot. Then, when it got to the NL ballot, I just skipped over the voting and clicked submit ballot. It doesn't make you fill out the whole thing!

Then, when you submit it, it has a button that says "vote again" and your selections are already made so you don't have to click the radio buttons. I would say it would take 10-15 minutes for each of us to submit 25 ballots with Jorge on it.

I realize that the rest would do Jorge good, but we know he is going to be selected as a reserve even IF he doesn't get picked as the starter, so lets get him the honor he deserves as an all-star starter!!!!

Oh yea, here are the stats to back that up:

Player Compare Year to Date MLB Standard Stats (as of 6/23)
Posada, Jorge C NYY 2394081492394323450.33890.39700.5481
Rodriguez, Ivan C DET 249317245197404360.28920.30040.4578

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

6-15-07 - Subway Series fun

I remember this much from last night - it was fun. However, I don't remember many details because I was pretty hammered. Snuck in some Rum and coke and then drank a couple of big 24 ounce beers.

The Jose Jose Jose Jose chant/ song that the Mets fans do to the tune of 'ole is so annoying. It really ranks up there among the most annoying things that any fans do at games.

Thats all I've got today. Read the full post, after the jump

Friday, June 15, 2007

Rocket circa 2057

This is too funny not to post. Who knows, it may end up this way

I especially loved the Golden Girls comment. Comic gold. Read the full post, after the jump

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Special Friday night Subway Series commentary

I will be at the first game of the Yankee Stadium portion of the 2007 Subway Series. Here is a quick rundown of the Rocket's last two starts against the Mets (both while with the Astros):

In his career vs. the Mets, he has very pedestrian #'s:

10 games, 3-5 record, 63.2 innings, 66 hits, 5.09 ERA, 9 HRA, 63 Ks, 15 BBs.

However, when he went to the NL with the Astros, he was lights out against the Mets. Lets take a look in reverse chronological order:
The date was April 13, 2005.

Here is the game log:

April 13, 2005

Rocket struck out 9 and walked 1. He struck out Reyes twice, Beltran once and David Wright three times. Of course, all of these guys are better now. The Astros ended up losing that game 1-0 as Kaz Ishii traded zeros with the Rocket.

Previously in 2004 he also did well...

For example, check out

May 16, 2004

Struck out 10, walked 1 in 7 2-hit innings. Again he got no run support and his team lost in extras.

Unfortunately, none of the current Mets were victims that day, but it seems Rocket kicks it up a notch against the Mets (since he left the Bronx).

Obviously we are dealing with a miniscule sample size, and this is most likely meaningless data. However, it is something fun to rub in the faces of Mets fans and get them all riled up about.

One thing I know, it should be fun at the Stadium tomorrow night! Read the full post, after the jump

Hasidic Jew day at Yankee Stadium (6-14-07)

Nothing against our friends in the old-school garb, but there was a ton of 'em at the Stadium today. Not sure if it had to do with it being a Thursday or a day game or what. All I know is that everywhere I looked there were whole families of Hasidic Jews. Very strange as there usually aren't very many at the games.

There were also a ton of elementary school class trips to the game, meaning the wave was inevitably started multiple times. It is so pointless that I don't even have anything remotely funny to say about it.

The crowd was so incredibly lame the entire game. The crowd didn't stand and cheer once and there wasn't one Lets Go Yankees chant. LAME.

I went to the game alone today since Nick is in the Bahamas and everyone else I know had work. It was pretty lame going to a baseball game by yourself - don't try it if you don't have to.

I got to the game early for batting practice by accident (the trains are much faster and less crowded for early day games than during rush hour - go figure) and went to my usual location in left field. During the entire BP, Juan Cruz of the Diamond Backs and some other DBack were throwing balls that went into left field up into the Upper Deck to the masses of screaming children. Everyone was loving it. I was indifferent to it until Juan Cruz threw a ball that was intended for the Upper Deck. Unfortunately, it hit the facing of the upper deck and came plummeting back down right to where I was standing. Out of instinct, I reached out my bare left hand to catch the ball. Long story short - I didn't catch the ball, the ball caught me - right on the tip of the left ring finger. It cracked my nail and bent my finger back. I didn't get the ball. Since I didn't want to look like a pussy, I just put my hand in my pocket for a couple of minutes hoping the pain would cease. It didn't, and all I accomplished was getting the pocket of my Yankees sweatshirt all bloody. I finally dropped the tough guy act and headed over to the nearest orange jacketed medic. I found a cute Latino girl medic who was glad to clean up my finger and wrap it up for me. At the end, she kindly told me "bring your glove next time". Great advice. Short, simple and to the point.

I think I am gonna take a break from heading to BP for a while. I have already gotten enough of those $8 balls and they really don't do anything for me anymore. Its not worth risking injury to stand out in left field with a bunch of yelping children begging for balls.

BTW - the Yankees won 7-1, the outcome was never in doubt. The Yankees have now won 9 straight and are only 7.5 games out of first place. I swear to you, I never gave up on the season. Wait, yes I did. Read the full post, after the jump

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"you pitch worse than Jimmy Key" and some theories on Kyle Farnsworthless and why he still pitches in the 8th inning for the Yankees

Before I get into the game experience portion of this post, I guess I should explain the first part of the title.

There was a drunk, attention seeking guy sitting in the row in front of me and Nick last night. I can't remember all of the asinine things he was yelling FROM THE UPPER DECK for the players NOT to hear, but one thing really stuck out to me. He yelled at Brandon Webb "you suck worse than Jimmy Key". What does that even mean??? Last time I checked he had a pretty nice career. Thats like yelling at Derek Jeter "you suck worse than Wade Boggs". Maybe this drunk retarded guy has some relation to Wallace Matthews

Anyway, on to the game. The start of the game was delayed exactly an hour due to the aforementioned thunder storm activity. Since I am so weather-conscious, Nick and I knew not to leave the apartment until around 7:15. We got there right in time for the National Anthem.

The crowd was juiced up (am I still allowed to use that phrase?) - possibly because the alcohol had been flowing out of the stadium taps since 5 PM. It was almost a playoff type of atmosphere, which was only a fraction of what it was like when "Badass" Bobby Abreuseful (the alter-ego of "Broken" Bobby Abreuseless) went yard to give the Yankees an early 3-0 lead.

The rest of the game was pretty tame to be completely honest. I'm pretty sure A-Rod doesn't get booed anymore, even when he has a mediocre game and had an ugly caught stealing.

Kyle Farnsworthless on the other hand, does get booed. Even when he pitched a scoreless inning, it is mostly luck. I can't believe how many balls got SCORCHED off of him. Why Torre continues to go to the well with him in the 8th inning is beyond me. One train of thought is that Farnsworthless has pictures of Torre "doing stuff" with Derek Jeter in the clubhouse * , another is that Cashman has ordered Torre to keep Farnsworthless in his 8th inning role to "showcase" him for a possible trade. Finally, there is the theory that Torre just falls asleep on the bench by that point in the game and nobody has the heart (or the testicular fortitude) to stop Farnsworthless from running through the bullpen doors.

By the way, is it just me or does Farnsworthless kind of look like this former WWF (I'm totally gonna get sued for typing that) wrestler with the new "four-eyed" look:

Anyway, Mo came in to a sparse crowd of the die-hards who stuck around for the blow-out extremely close, well-played 3-run game and were treated to a rather Mo-riffic 1-2-3 inning. The trip down the ramp and out of the stadium didn't take as long as usual, probably because of the "beat the traffickers"

A couple of notes:

- The new Diamondbacks uniforms say D-Backs on the front of them. I swear the first time I saw them I was offended because I thought they said D-Bags. I know, I know, that joke is probably already played out... Well, this is the first time they played the Yankees this year.

- Speaking of the new Diamondbacks uniforms, why did they ditch the purple? I think the D-Rays used to have some purple in their uniform and they too ditched it. Are these teams trying to tell me that men ages 18-34 DON'T like wearing purple? Damn, I better run to the store. Good thing I kept the receipt...

- This one is for "BlueCountry" on the Pinstripes Plus message board... I only saw 1 Diamondback fan (less than 1 % of the paid attendance of 51,577) and she was a HUGE fat woman in one of the new Diamondbacks t-shirts. She was scary to look at. Don't know how that fits into your book, or analysis, or website or whatever the hell you are compiling all of that information for.

* I can neither confirm or deny that Read the full post, after the jump

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

6/12/07 - t-storms in the vicinity

I am fairly certain that this game will be played, barring the grounds crew being retarded* because the T-Storms seem to be clearing out of the area. There is one more severe T-Storm cluster in CT heading down into the metropolitan NYC area, but I think once that goes through, we are in the clear.

(click on that to see it in motion - but it is not a static, live image. Click on the link at the right side of the page to see the UPDATED image).

I'm going to venture a guess and say the game starts at around 7:45 PM.

I will be attending the game today. I wasn't originally planning to go but my softball game was rained out. I'll be a better stadium insider than Nick and actually post a recap after the game tonight.

* Has happpened before (game 2 of the ALDS) Read the full post, after the jump

Monday, June 4, 2007

Stadium Insider (Ross) visits Mexico!

While the Yankees keep on teasing us with one day of impressive play but then letting us down the next, I am in sunny (well, it was rainy today) Cancun - Mexico. somehow knows I am in Mexico so when I am finished with this entry I have to click the "publicar entrada" button. Anyway, here is a nice picture of the view from one of the restaurants at my hotel (Me by Melia, Cancun).

Nick will be holding down the fort for Pettitte's start on Friday (hopefully the back spasms are better), so there should be a stadium entry after that one.

One funny note. The past two nights, the Yanks were on ESPN. Sunday night I had ESPN Sunday night baseball but there were Spanish graphics and some weird American guy giving intros and analysis each inning coming out of commercial. He would then "throw it back" to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. Of course, this Spanish version of ESPN showed completely different replays and showed completely different graphics. Most of the time when Joe Morgan and Jon Miller talk over graphics, I just tune them out and analyze the information myself (those guys are idiots to be kind). Unfortunately, they would be talking about a stat, and I would be seeing a promo on my screen for the futbol game between Denmark and Sweden on ESPN deportes the following day. Pretty furstrating, but beggars can't be choosy - I was watching the game while on vacation in Cancun.

Tonight, the game was TOTALLY in Spanish. Even though I didn't understand a word they were saying, they were still better to listen to than Joe Morgan. I learned for from them as well.

Ok, I have to get to sleep now. Long day of tanning ahead of me tomorrow! Read the full post, after the jump
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